March 21, 2016

Not getting any younger

Not really ever having made any decision as to who should be at the receiving end of this blog, it has not made much sense, probably. As it happens, I now actually have English speaking relations, acquaintances and even friends, by marriage. Since this blog is not my husbands idea, and since I do not get a lot of opportunity to interact with his friends, family and acquaintances, I don’t know how much sense it is going to make, especially since the hubby is a very private person. I shall have to make only the most generalized references to him, if I continue posting in this vein

We are all faced with our own mortality from time to time. For us not least, when we visit the dentist and the dentist wants to make something major. Which he does, because we weren’t born yesterday, and the pegs only last so long. Basically people were built to last for about 35 years. After that, one must be prepared for the occasional repair work. I don’t know, if you are in the least bit familiar with our medical system here? Once a person has the right to stay here, he or she gets a yellow health card, and with that you can visit your doctor for free, if you need treatment in hospital, this is also free along with all manner of tests from blood work through X-rays and all the different methods of scanning. Not a penny will it cost you. If your GP decides that you need specialist treatment, this will also be free, or partially free, depending on the kind of specialist you need.

When it comes to medicine, this is not free. So if a homeless person goes to the doctor and gets a prescription, he will have to pay for the medicine. He may not be able to, and so the visit to the doctor’s office might have been in vain. There is a subsidy for medicine, if you need a lot of it. Every year, you have to pay the first 1500 kr yourself, after that the subsidy kicks in and after a while, you pay very little for your medicine.

This free for all system does have an exception. If you need to go to the dentist, you have to pay for it yourself. And it is expensive. There is a certain subsidy to the dentist’s bill as well, but not very much. Even people who are quite well off have taken to going to the dentist in Poland or in Sweden, where it only costs about half of what it costs here. We have not taken this course of action, because in the event we wake up in the middle of the night with a toothache from he-double-hockeysticks, we know where our dentist lives, and although he will not like it, we might come knocking at his door.

Well, it would not be his door, but there is an emergency dental service in place. Fortunately neither of us have had the need to use it, but it is good to know that it is there.

We both have a Damocles’ Sword hanging over us in the shape of a number of dentist’s appointments in the near future. I have been asked, if I want my wisdom-teeth repaired or pulled out. It is quite a lot cheaper to have them pulled out than to have them repaired. On the other hand, I have had these teeth for about 60 years, and unless there are weighty arguments for having them pulled out, I think I can find the money to have them repaired. I hate the idea of having teeth pulled out. I am afraid of the pain. I do realise that there will be local anaesthetics, while the tooth is being pulled, but I have 3 that need something doing to, and the idea of having 3 huge craters in my mouth for weeks, I find disgusting. Because of my diabetes, I heal very slowly.

OK, now I have written stuff that could not possibly interest anybody, so I should probably stop.

March 5, 2016

Wobbly Window Treatment

How on Earth it is possible to start out on the project of curtain making with four square, straight and plumb pieces of material and end up with this:


I swear by the fairy Godmother of all sewing that I used to be able to make something so basic as a curtain, but no. Maybe I should have used a pattern for the rather advanced tabs, I thought I’d make at the top:


But, although it is more than twenty years since I did anything vaguely related to the crafting of textiles, I thought I’d just eyball it. I mean, how hard can it be? That is how hard, evidently, and I spent all day doing it. And I am disgusted by the result.

Has it put me off sewing for ever? No, I fear not. I have a whole suitcase full of saris or salwar khamis kits that will get to serve as window treatment in the livingroom. All in green, turquise, bluish colors. Why don’t I just wear them or make the salwar khamis? Well, unfortunately they are all polyester, and I cannot wear that. I might as well be wearing plastic bags, that is how uncomfortable it makes me.

But as window treatment, they might be good. They won’t fade, they wash and dry easily. But I shall have to get them less lopsided than the kitchen curtains. I will buy the “Wrinkletape” “Headertape”, of course, to put on the top, for lack of a better word, and possibly tape them at the bottom too. But we’ll see.

As I see it, there is every room for improvement.

Oh, and if anybody noticed, that the walls are in need of a coat of paint, they are absolutely right. Also, there might be a little cobweb on the first of the pictures. We sort of like the arachnae around here. They eat the bugs!

Furthermore, if someone thinks that it would be better if I accepted a job proposal, went out of early retirement, and then paid someone to improve my home, they would be wrong.

  • I enjoy not having to get up at 4.30 in the morning
  • I enjoy being allowed to stay up til at least 10 in the evening
  • I might learn new things about this home improvement malarky
  • Even if I had money, I’d still be too cheap to have someone do these things for me

I need no more bullets and I take no prisoners.

More good news: The roller blinds with the dead flies on them, the kind of blinds mostly found on murdersites, are going down. New venetian blinds are going up instead! Now that might increase the value of our home by several kroner(s).

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